Meerut has a Glorious History and hard working citizen.Unfortunately it has received negative publicity in the past.The city needs a boost in the field of Trade, Industry, Tourism, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Sports, Arts, Culture.It also requires Social Harmony, Cleanliness and Regulated Traffic.In short it requires a definite Roadmap of Development in every aspect to make it a VIBRANT CITY.As things stand now something of a Miracle is required to bring back the Glory to Meerut that it deserves.

My City-My Initiative (MCMI) is the much needed Mutual wake-up call that the City and her inhabitants are giving to each other.It is based on the premise that every citizen of Meerut can voluntarily contribute towards the vibrancy of the city. The least one can contribute are basic courtesies to fellow citizens.

Many activities can be started to shift the agenda of discussion at Tea and Paan corners and drawing rooms of Meerut from despair to development and hope. These activities may range from Garbage disposal, Traffic,Economic Development, Tourism, Sports, Music, Arts, Culture, Social Harmony, Environment and inculcating Civic Sense. These activities can be planned in a Voluntary set up to engage citizens of all age groups. Voluntary efforts will enhance the output of existing Government schemes. A society in the form of Federation of Volunteers with a little support from Administration will do the trick.It is going to be one more Revolution from the Land of Revolutions.


Chairman : Shri Alok Sinha, IAS, Commissioner Meerut
Vice Chairman: B. Chandrakala, IAS,  DM Meerut 

  • VC MDA
  • DM Meerut
  • SSP Meerut
  • Army
  • City Magistrate Meerut

Coordinator : Shri Vishal Jain

Treasurer : Shri S. K. Sharma